Sept. 5, 2013

During a recent FAA flight check of the instrument landing system (ILS) for Runway 4 at New York La Guardia Airport (LGA), a building was identified as an obstacle, causing the glideslope to be unavailable until further notice. The FAA is urgently seeking a resolution, but in the meantime this issue will likely increase the chances of an ILS Runway 13 configuration at both LGA and John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) during IFR conditions. This configuration creates significant arrival delays at Teterboro Airport (TEB) as air traffic control is unable to run LGA and TEB arrivals simultaneously.

Impact on New York Airports when La Guardia/LGA is on ILS13 Arrival Configuration

  • The airport arrival rate (AAR) is reduced at LGA from 34 to 28 per hour resulting in a ground delay program.
  • JFK is also forced to the ILS Runway 13 configuration, lowering its AAR.
  • TEB will go into ground stops for arrivals as air traffic control can not run TEB and LGA arrivals simultaneously. Aircraft already airborne for TEB will likely be put into holding for up to 90 minutes. Typically air traffic control shuts off LGA arrivals for 10 minutes every hour to run the TEB arrivals.

For More Information

As soon as more information is available, NBAA will notify operators via Airspace Alerts and in the NBAA Update.

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