Apr. 13, 2017

Operators can expect delays due to ATC traffic management initiatives associated with the Southern California Metroplex Phase Three implementation on April 27. The initiatives are expected to last one to two weeks as the local controllers adjust to the procedural airspace changes.

Phase Three: April 27

There will be a total of 40 new procedures with the bulk of them being RNAV SIDs and STARs for 11 Southern California airports. Most of these new procedures are SIDs/STARs to/from Oakland Center and points North.

  • SIDs: 13 (12 RNAV and one conventional)
  • STARs: 17 (16 RNAV and one conventional)
  • Approaches: 10 (3 for LAX, 4 for ONT and 3 for SMO)

Expected ATC Traffic Management Initiatives – April 27 – May 10, 2017

Due to the significant changes to the structure of the airspace in Southern California, the FAA will implement TMIs to manage the volume in and out of the airspace. As controllers familiarize themselves with management of the airspace, these initiatives may be dialed back earlier than scheduled. Please note that the ground-delay programs and the airspace flow programs will include expected departure clearance times (EDCTs). These initiatives may be reduced as the controllers become more familiar with the airspace operation.

The expected initiatives include the following:

Ground Delay Program for LAX

  • Expected from 8 a.m.-11 p.m. (1500z-0600z)

Airspace Flow Programs

For all other arrivals into Southern California-area airports from Oakland Center and points North (flights from the East will not be captured)

  • Expected between 8 a.m.-11 p.m. (1500z-0600z)
  • Flights filed surface to FL600

Airspace Flow Program for Flights Arriving PSP/UDD/TRM from the East

  • Captures arrivals from the East into Palm Springs, Bermuda Dunes and Thermal (PSP/UDD/TRM)
  • Three airports will be treated as one
  • Expected between 8 a.m.-11 p.m. (1500z-0600z)

Mile-in-Trail Restrictions

  • To be used for departures off all Southern California airports

View an FAA presentation on expected Traffic Management Initiatives for Phase Three of SoCal Metroplex (PDF)