Updated March 25, 2019

The 2019 Masters Golf Tournament will be held in the Augusta, GA area the week of April 8 to 14.

The FAA has released an air traffic procedures NOTAM, which contains specific operational details on required routings in and out of the Augusta area, planned traffic management initiatives, as well as other pertinent information.

Preferred IFR Arrival and Departure Routes

Flight operators should note there are preferred arrival routes and departure routes for all four airports in the region. Flight operators not utilizing the preferred routes included in the NOTAM risk delay as ATC will need to amend the route filed. Detailed route information is available in the FAA Air Traffic Procedures NOTAM.

View the FAA Masters 2019 Air Traffic Procedures NOTAM. (PDF)

In addition, FAA traffic management initiatives are likely during periods of peak demand. These initiatives may include, but are not limited to, reroutes, miles-in-trail, altitude restrictions, ground stops and ground delay programs. If a ground delay program is implemented, it will be airport specific and flight operators will receive an expected departure clearance time. The air traffic demand in conjunction with the airport arrival rate will determine the delay assignment.

Augusta, GA Area Airports – Requirements and Notes

There are four airports in the Augusta, GA region that are commonly used during the week of Masters. Detailed information specific to Masters 2019 for all four area airports are available on the FBO webpage for each airport.

Pertinent operational information, which includes the advance notification requirements, is outlined below for each individual airport. All area airports have full service FBOs, which can accommodate operational and customer service needs.

Although parking reservations are not required at any of the four Augusta area airports it is highly recommended to contact the FBO prior to your operation to provide dates and times of your operation.

Ramp fees are expected at each airport during this event. Please contact the FBO to obtain specific ramp fee information.

Augusta Regional Airport at Bush Field (AGS)

  • Augusta Airport will close Runway 8/26 and Taxiway E to accommodate additional aircraft parking.
  • Due to the fluid operational nature of this event, no reservations or air slots will be required.
  • Aircraft will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis. Once the ramp reaches capacity, a drop-and-go area will be activated to accommodate those aircraft that are dropping off passengers and immediately departing.
  • A limited amount of space has been made available for operators who are interested in leasing ramp space for the entire week of Masters. For more information, email Ken Hinkle at khinkle@augustaga.gov.
  • John Wayne Air Calvary LLC will provide ramp control advisory services to manage aircraft operations in the non-movement areas.
  • A satellite FBO will be located in close proximity of Runway 8/26 and Taxiway E to support and facilitate an efficient operation in that area.
  • Operators are encouraged to call the FBO prior to your operation (phone 706-798-2656) and provide operational requirements if possible. This information can assist the FBO in planning fuel/service requirements which may increase the efficiency of your arrival/departure. The FBO webpage is flyags.com
  • Augusta Regional Airport is located approximately 13 miles from Augusta National (approximately 20-25 miles from Augusta National).

Aiken Municipal Airport (AIK)

  • Parking reservations are recommended and can be obtained through Aiken Aviation at 803-648-7803, or via their website at aikenaviation.com.
  • Aiken Municipal Airport is located 1 mile off I-20 just north of Augusta, approximately 30 minutes from Augusta National.

Daniel Field (DNL)

  • No advance reservations required.
  • Flight operators are encouraged to evaluate DNL FasTrak, which is an optional pre-registration system.
  • Daniel Field is located approximately 3 miles from Augusta National, approximately 10-15 minutes from Augusta National.

Thomson-McDuffie County Airport (HQU)

  • Advance parking reservations are recommended for all aircraft. Reservations can be obtained through Spirit Aviation at 706-595-1300, or via their website at spirit-aviation.com.
  • Thomson-McDuffie County Airport is located 2 miles off I-20 just west of Augusta, approximately 30 minutes from Augusta National.