Traffic Management Initiatives Expected for Friedman Memorial Airport Event July 9-14

Updated June 26, 2019

July 9-14, 2019 – Sun Valley, ID

Significant air traffic volume is expected at Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) in Hailey, ID for the 2019 Friedman Memorial Airport Event, to be held July 9-14 in Sun Valley, ID.

Due to limited overnight and extended parking, it is likely that “drop-and-go only” operations will be initiated as needed at various times throughout the event. During periods of “drop-and-go only” operations, operators will need to relocate to another airport after dropping the passengers at SUN.

Operators should contact Atlantic Aviation to confirm current ramp capacity situation.

Atlantic Aviation – SUN
Tel: 208-788-9511

There will be no required reservation programs for this event. The event will be on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Operators can expect the use of traffic management initiatives such as a ground delay program for arrivals on Tuesday, July 9, possible miles-in-trail and ground stops if needed as well as structured routes in/out of SUN during the event. Friedman Memorial Airport management and the SUN Air Traffic Control Tower have prepared detailed letters to pilots. These letters include the following details:

  • Parking arrangements
  • Expected peak traffic dates and times
  • Airport noise abatement procedures
  • FBO parking and ground handling procedures during the event
  • ATC arrival and departure procedures

All Aircraft Parking at SUN Will Be On A First Come-First Served Basis

As is the case with many smaller airports like ours, aircraft parking is not unlimited and without adequate coordination, can become problematic. To avoid this problem and ensure that appropriate aircraft parking is available, we highly recommend that you advise Atlantic Aviation- Sun Valley (208-788-9511) of your arrival/departure plans as far in advance as possible, and any additional requirements/needs you may have.

As has been the case in the past, it is anticipated that space for overnight parking will reach capacity the early evening of July 10. Atlantic-Sun Valley will provide room for drop and goes on their apron however, expect a NOTAM for Airport Closed to Overnight Parking Except Life Flight and Air Carriers overnight July 10-12, maybe longer, depending on actual activity and space availability.

For aircraft with a maximum gross takeoff weight of greater than 95,000 pounds, or a wingspan of greater than 100 feet, you are required to obtain prior permission from the airport manager’s office to operate at SUN.

This PPR does not reserve a parking spot. PPR details are included in the Airport/Facilities Directory.

View the Friedman Memorial Airport letter. (PDF)

View the SUN Air Traffic Control Tower letter. (Word doc)

Route requirements into Friedman Memorial Airport during the event

  • From the Northwest: MENIN-HLE-SUN
  • From the Southwest: LLC-PARZZ-MENIN-HLE-KSUN
  • From the East: PIH-MENIN-HLE-KSUN