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The CAM Fellow Program provides recognition for exceptional individuals who have demonstrated a substantial and on-going commitment to the CAM program’s vision, “Prepared to Lead; Committed to Excellence.”

Unlike CAM CRAFT time-based recognition program, which only requires on-going recertification, this contribution-based recognition program is designed to recognize those CAMs who consistently go above and beyond in multiple facets. Individuals recognized by this program will truly embody CAM’s values “SERVICES.”

Safety I will maintain the highest standards for safety of personnel and equipment at all times.
Ethics I will strive for the highest level of ethical behavior and integrity without compromise while accomplishing my duties.
Relevance I will seek to maintain the most relevant expertise needed by my employer and reach the highest standards possible.
Vision I will maintain a vision that supports the highest standards of accomplishment for my company and industry.
Innovation I will seek to innovate and implement evolving technologies for the benefit of my employer.
Commitment I will demonstrate the highest level of commitment to fulfilling my job duties with distinction.
Efficiency I will strive to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective means of accomplishing my employer’s mission.
Security I will maintain the highest levels of security and comfort for all involved in my sphere of influence.

CAM Fellow Eligibility

To be eligible for consideration, candidates must meet the following conditions:

  • Nomination by at least one individual in the business aviation industry (other than themselves)
  • Current CAM status
  • Consistently demonstrate CAM values (SERVICES)
  • Currently employed in the business aviation industry at the time of nomination
  • An NBAA Member, either employed by an NBAA member company or as a Professional Member
  • A recognized leader, having made at least one significant contribution to the industry (e.g., NBAA Standing Committee leadership; local/regional business aviation group engagement or leadership; active community engagement advancing business aviation; engaged in advocacy; mentorship)

This is not designed to be a “Lifetime Achievement” award bestowed only toward the end of one’s professional career. While it may be awarded to someone in this situation, it also could be awarded to someone early in their career if they meet the eligibility requirements, are recommended by the Awards Committee for this recognition, and the CAM Governing Board approves the awarding of the CAM Fellow recognition to the individual.

If a nominee is not awarded the CAM Fellow recognition in one year, they may be nominated and considered in future years if they continue to meet the eligibility requirements for the award.

CAM Fellow Selection Process

Successful candidates will be accomplished business aviation professionals who have consistently demonstrated their ability to contribute to the advancement of the CAM program’s vision and values.

An ad-hoc Awards Committee, led by the CAM Governing Board’s Nominating Committee will independently review all nominations submitted by the deadline and complete a standardized evaluation form to identify those individuals who rise to the top.

The Awards Committee will meet to discuss the combined results of their independent rankings and the merit of each nomination. After this meeting, the Committee will make a recommendation to the full CAM Governing Board for all nominations received and reviewed during the award cycle.

Except for the first year of the CAM Fellows Program in 2023, the number of recipients will be capped at a maximum of two in one year. The Awards Committee may put forth a recommendation to the CAM Governing Board that includes zero, one or two candidates for the award annually.

While the CAM Governing Board generally will be encouraged to award CAM Fellow recognitions as recommended by the committee, it has the sole and final decision-making authority and may choose to accept all, some or none of the nominees advanced by the Awards Committee as a CAM Fellow.

The CAM Governing Board does not have the authority to bestow the CAM Fellow award to anyone who has not been recommended to the full CAM Governing Board by the Awards Committee, even if the individual was nominated for the award.

Recognition of CAM Fellows will occur at the NBAA Leadership Conference, beginning in 2024.

Roster of CAM Fellows

The following 19 CAMs have earned the distinction of CAM Fellow.